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SKU : 178730
Model : GLL55
VisiMax technology delivers maximum line visibility in standard working conditions
Easy-to-use laser setup modes projects vertical, horizontal and cross lines
Versatile job layout lines can be projected separately or together for a variety of level and alignment applications
Smart Pendulum System allows tool to self-level, and it indicates out-of-level condition
Secure laser transport after switching off, pendulum is locked
Simple keypad operation easily select among the layout modes
Magnetic L mount strong magnets to attach to steel
Robust over-molded construction built to IP54 dust- and water-protection standards



The Bosch GLL 55 professional self-leveling cross-line laser features vertical, horizontal and cross-line modes and can project two lines independently or together, for a broad array of alignment and leveling applications. It includes the Bosch-exclusive VisiMax technology, which allows for outstanding line visibility in standard working conditions. VisiMax constantly monitors the laser's temperature so the diodes are always driven to maximum line brightness, while protecting the laser diodes from overheating. The laser lines are visible up to 50 Ft., with an accuracy of 1/8 In. at 33 Ft. The Bosch smart pendulum system self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition, to help ensure an accurate layout. It locks the pendulum after the laser is switched off for secure transport. The included magnetic L mount provides strong magnets to attach to steel studs and a free-standing mode with retractable feet.

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